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Monday, December 8, 2008

Going Bowling...

The Huskies are going bowling (you're out of your element, Donny).

Heading to the great white north, thats right: the home of hockey, whale blubber, and Doug Flutie. You guessed it...CANADA

Did you know: 91% of Canadians live in igloos, and subsist on a strict diet of fallen snow and Hockey Night in Canada?

Alright, enough with the Canada jokes (eh?).

To the International Bowl we go. All reports indicate that we will be playing the University of Buffalo on January 3, 2009 in Toronto (a practical home game for the FWG...yes Rochester (Penfield) is basically southern Canada).
Much more to come later.
Check back soon.
(FWG drove home 6 hours to Rochester with the girlfriend today. Exhausted from an emotional weekend.....break down on the PITT game coming soon, as well as an early look at the University of Buffalo, and of course the experience driving 6 hours in the snow...with your the snow. Hilarity ensues.)
One Final Thought:
FWG met the "Define Shortly Guy" (aka SocJimmy) Saturday night.. Tremendous individual. A small victory for a day that was short on them.

Goodnight Canada.

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