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Monday, March 2, 2009

Its Been Too Long...but I'm In Austria

I've been up for 28 hours. Excuse me if I'm a little delirous.
Started the trip out on an "interesting" note.
This guy on my flight from Rochester to Chicago decided to slug a few cocktails. And by a few, I mean 8. He passed out drunk, and when we touched down the poor fella couldn't walk. Actually (more accurately) he couldn't even function. He stumbled, fell on the plane. And then puked. Some got on the plane, some on the walkway, and even more on my shoes.
The rest of the trip is a little bit of a blur, but in summary, British Airways was entertainment in itself. "Nod if you're happy to be sitting in the exit row."
What? Yah I'm happy.
I was greeted in Austria by our English speaking teammate, Ramon.
Hilarity ensues:
Learning the guys names. Like we are already friends.Well there is ze brothers ze twins. Vornerbacks. And then there is mixtape. We call him mixtape.The players are described by postion, but not how they play."There is Burns the huge lineman, ya! He's excellent at computers and internet."And then, "There is Yahn a defensive end. He studied science in school". You will be stayin' with the old widow. She's crazy but she'll do your laundry. Just like that?

Video coming soon. I need to sleep.

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