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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Art Donovan

Perfect example of "Bar Darwinism"

A classic.


emmet said...

FWG that is a brilliant clip, an inspiration to linemen everywhere.

Doc said...

An example of counter-Darwinism:

Your apparent ability to successfully mate and thus perpetuate your vastly inferior genetic code.

This is most alarming given your glaring inability to utilize the cognitive thought process.

dog said...

Another entertaining Blog eve!!!
And I agree with Doc,I think...

Great job,FWG! Keep it up! It's a fact you O-Line are the smartest (and sometimes funniest) players on the field.
Oh wait... you're D-Line... NVM... You're halfway there... Your funny!

emmet said...

O-Line definitely beat the D-Line in brains/wits department, and yes I am biased.