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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Some of my teammates, who will not remain nameless, have taken offense to the fact that I have not mentioned them in the category of "Overachieving Fat Linemen," so I'd Like to make those corrections now:

Offensive Guard Zach Hurd: Girlfriend is former Ms. Teen Connecticut
(see below)
(Zach was next to me as I published this post and made me include this picture)

Tight End (semi-fat-guy) Yianni Apostolakos: Girlfriend is from Upstate New York and looks like Marissa Tomei.

Defensive Tackle Brandon Dillon: Girlfriend looks like a combination between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Offensive Tackle (and sometime tight end) Dan Ryan: Girlfriend (well, significant other) is like a combination of every Jersey girl you've ever met and Martha Stewart (it's a good thing)


Anonymous said...

Dan Ryan is a beautiful male specimen

RCR said...

This post nearly is worthless without other pics. It's these details that can't be overlooked. It's also these details that separate the champion bloggers from the second place bloggers.

Eyes on the prize, buddy. Eyes on the prize.

Rob Lunn said...

Ask and you shall receive

RCR said...

that's much better. You're on your way to being a blogging championship contender.

Mark said...

So it's not enough that they are D1 football players, with all the glory that entails...they need to make sure all teh interwebs know that they've got hot girlfriends as well? C'mon now, fellas.