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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big East Mailbag (ESPN.COM)

I'll skip the crap about WVU and Pitt. Who cares? This is from the blogger of the Big East, Brian Bennet and his mail bag.

Chris from Wallingford, Conn., writes: Biggest hole for UConn to fill next year? Lorenzen, Donald Brown, Will Beatty, the two defensive ends, Darius Butler, Rob Lunn's blog? The knee-jerk answer is Donald Brown, but personally, I think it's the DE's. Cody Brown was a monster and Julius Williams had a great year as well. Lindsay Witten will really have to step it up next year. UConn's defensive scheme is to get a four-man pass rush (they rarely blitz). So, whoever fills those shoes next year HAS to get pressure on the QB. Thoughts?

Let me say this. There will be more good running backs to come out of UConn, but there will never be a Donny Brown. Todman will be a sparky third down back and provides that break-the-big-play threat. Dixon is still as talented as he ever was, that threat from the backfield is still very real. Cody and Julius, for my money. you don't get any better pressure off the edge.
Who will replace them? Well, if it's any indication of things to come UConn is still not back in session, students (and football players) not due back 'til January 20th, but Lindsey Witten has been on campus lifting and training since January 4th (that's the day after the bowl game). Expect big things from him next year. As far as Rob Lunn's Blog well, I think ,that might be the biggest crushing blow to this program (kidding...sort of). I'll be keeping the blog up with inside information on Connecticut Football and other sports stories. Look for some of my blogs at and NESN.COM.

Oh and at WWW.THEFATWHITEGUY.COM (coming soon)

The rest of the Big East Mail Bag can be found here.

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