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Friday, January 2, 2009

Super Fans...the FWG Blushes

Focus on Buffalo is at an all time high.
Went to the lobby to see my parents, before heading to bed check.
In an awesome turn of events, I felt like a minor celebrity for the first time (I imagine it's how your local used car salesman might feel after being recognized in the supermarket).

Some pictures were taken (they'll be posted later) after they email me.
but some great comments were also made:

"Hey you're the Fat Guy! look better in person."
(Thanks.Yeah, that camera adds a few...hundred pounds).
"You can hardly tell you're bald."
(Yes sir. My baldness is hiding under all this thinning hair."

Some Final Thoughts:
I've never considered who the biggest fan of this blog might be. Its probably a tie between Tom and Barry ( you know who you are).
Well, bad news guys, you might be out done by two girls I met tonight...
Erin and Abbie (thats..IE!)
Even better, Erin is from Upstate New York.

Bed time.
One more against Buffalo tomorrow.

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