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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polizia! Polizia!

Maybe you’re wondering why I led this post with a picture of Ben Stiller and his perfectly maintained quaff in the blockbuster movie, Dodgeball: a true underdog story. Well let me tell you why, friend. Because that outfit is what the Italian riot police have decided to model their uniforms after. That’s right, the streets of Venice are lined with alternates for the Purple Cobras (or should I say “Viola Serpente”) dodgeball squad. Again, I'm not going to stereotype the entire Italian police, but they did look more ready for an impromptu game of street hockey than a riot. Much to the dismay of the girlfriend, I asked a policeman this question and was met with a concerned, if not quizzical look. Well, it was what I interpreted as quizzical through his dark Armani shades. That’s right: Armani is the preferred standard of eyewear for the men with batons and shields. Not mad. Who says you can’t look runway-ready while also trying to protect and serve. Not this guy.


Anonymous said...

In Venice, Polizia flak jackets
probably double as PFD's.

(on the ground) Veteran rioter
not about to hang up his phone?

JBurd said...

You could have used another Ben Stiller picture as well to really drive home the point. From Anchorman when all the news teams are brawling and Stiller shouts policia policia.