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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walk On Boy: Thank You

Big thanks to the Rob for allowing me to post as well as kind words from readers. It looks as if he has recovered from his self-imposed "indisposal" (life outside the bedroom must be sweet) with some ill-advised chest-bump antics. To any reader thinking that this is a good idea, I refer back to Newton's fourth law: 'When photographing two individuals significantly disproportionate in mass, a freeze frame air high five should be opted for over the chest bump.' Sir Isaac was truly ahead of his time. It's science.

And a huge thank you to the kind donation by 'Anonymous'. A clever name {And aparently a rather smart individual.}, I admit - although not the best for tracking down and claiming the prize {However small it may be.}, and by virtue of donating a hundred bones you win the double prize. I wish there was a third, so I could award the Walk On Boy treble, just cause it sounds cool.

If you're a Patriots fan or an football fan in the Northeast and want something much cooler than writing on my blog or telling my dumb ass what to wear. Buy some raffle tickets, and potentially eat a ton with Vince Wilfork and get some Pats tickets for this year {ht: Peter King, do I even need to cite that? Whatever. My English teachers were ruthless, brainwashing 'cite your sources' fanatics.}. And support diabetes at the same time. Not a bad deal at all.


Megan said...

Holy Shirts and Pants! I'm supposed to get a prize?? Not only that, but two prizes??

Also, if you'd like to throw together another contest quick, I'd be happy to dominate the competition and win the WOB treble.


Anonymous said...

Vince will fork that Diabeetus!

Walk On Boy said...

Is someone getting handsy with you under the table?

It will be no Showcase Showdown, but actually reading the post would have shown that you get a blog post and to set up my gear for a game this summer.

Thanks for donating again, and I'll try and come up with a contest that consists of being a previous WOB winner and being named Megan. Probably could have stopped at previous winner. Or being named Megan.

Ima gonna stop now...