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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember What I Said About Marginal Good Looks...

Find the Halloween post to understand this one:

A short recap, Halloween party, costumed college kids, dim light source = best possible situation for a bigger guy (read FWG), to find a female of his liking. Like the majesty (and rarity) of a Solar eclipse (minus the retina searing UV Rays!) the fates have aligned to bestow a beautiful baby that might actually be interested in you.
I now offer up some empirical evidence:
(You're welcome, Scott)
(Thanks, Noonan)


JB said...

Wait a second. Is that a football player dressed up like a football player? Is there at least an inside joke, like its a punters jersey?

Robert said...

Looks like he is dressed as Michael Vick. Note the jersey and the dog he is holding.

JB said...

Got it. That IS funny. Thanks for the clue-in.