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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Formerly Fat White Guy

A while back in "Final Thoughts" I floated the idea of losing some weight. Well after some e-mails contacts, and discussions with my arteries, I have decided to launch The Formerly Fat White Guy Project. I have enlisted the help of the very best in the business of weight loss, Kevin Weiss (a natural body builder--from Canada--but we'll forgive him for that). But the The Project is not just about me (how boring would that be?). Instead I am asking you (that's right--you) the reader to participate:


First prize: 2 FWG T-shirts (of your choosing)
and TWO (2) FREE tickets to a UConn Football game (home or away)
Second Prize: 2 FWG T-shirts--and ownership of the blog for a day
Third Prize:
1 FWG T-shirt of your choosing do I enter?
Email me ( a "before" picture--along with 200-300 words on your "Fat-Hood" *Remeber--skinny-fat counts too!
We will post the "contestants" at the end of this week.
A "winner" will be chosen on July 18th.
Based on total weight loss/physical improvement/best story

Get to it!

1 comment:

fatpickle said...

I need to lose a few and I just might play along...but 3 months of dieting and working out? How about 2 months? I'm willing to commit to a diet, not a way of life.