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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Last Supper

"...and FWG said to his deciples, take this Big Mac, eat it, and think of me--for this is the fuel of fatness and the burger of your salvation"

I promise you that I have never been a big fast food guy. However, around Austria the only place to get really delicious, really fattening food without breaking the bank happens to be America's greatest contribution to the world (besides handguns and democracy) that's right, McDonalds.
My roommates Dave and Ryan decided to come along to document the experience, of course with the obligatory taunts about how I'd "be fat forever" and I needed to stop "eating my emotions." Best of all though, was the look from the cashier when I said "Yah, Ummmm I'll have Big Mac mit Pommes.....3 cheeseburgers..." "Yah your total iz.." "No, no, no, sweet heart, Im not done yet. Coca-cola, Chicken nuggets, anddddd....a milk-shake"
And with that I had confirmed every stereotype of Americans. Not mad.
Enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

let's check his calories and fat...'nurse, dipstick please'...

Big Mac(540/29), FF-Lg(500/25), ketchups-6(90/0), CheeseBurger-3(900/36), Coke Classic-Lg (310/0), Chicken McNuggets-10 (460/29), sauces-4 (200/0)and Vanilla Milkshake-Md (550/13)

Calories: 3,550
Fat(g): 132

For someone your size and activity level the calories are manageable, however the fat intake puts your next meal at...oh, let's say Saturday for safety's sake.

That'll be $140, pay the receptionist on your way out.

Walk On Boy said...

Guy. You're supposed to eat McDonald's when you're still drunk. Not hungover. And it's good to see that you've adopted the American in Europe uniform after struggling with the absence of sweatpants: jeans and a sweatshirt. Good work.

And I feel like you should have some stake in the former FWG contest, since y'know you're the one smart enough to earn money {however large or small} off of the Fat White Guy moniker.

We'll work out a side bet in the coming weeks. Enjoy the weekend off.

Kevin Weiss said...

Starting off on the right foot anyway. Getting it out of your system (or into it I guess) one last time before crunch time. Back to reality now. Just curious how much is that meal in Austria?

Kevin Weiss