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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Week's Sign Of The Apocalypse

First the swine flu, now this.

Penfield, NY---the BIRTHPLACE of the Fat White Guy. I cannot be held responsible for this, I'm all the way in Europe, but they ran out of chicken. It is a sad day for Upstate New Yorkers, and an even sadder day for hungry Americans. All those empty stomachs, craving $4.99 worth of deep fried chicken flesh and biscuits, gravy.
Shame on you Popeyes. Shame on you Penfield.


Anonymous said...

Whatcha'll need is some KFC up yonder, boy. Da Colonel never fails to dish.

Molehead said...

"I am more dissapointed than agry, I have been looking forward to this day"

LMAO... dang that is bad when you look forward to a sale on chicken.
Is it like Christmas morning or something?