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Monday, April 6, 2009


We went on the road this Saturday to Salzburg. Does Salzburg sound familiar? Well it should--Mozart was born there and it's where the Sound of Music was filmed. And while we were short on singing ex-nuns and Nazi sympathizers, there was plenty of hard-nosed football to go around.

The Salsburg Bulls came into the contest with a 1-0 record--and it appeared that they were going to make it 2 -0. After marching 80 yards down field for our first score, we decided that,"Well, the fans paid good money for these seats, let's make it interesting." and promptly let the Bulls return the kickoff for 6.

We blocked the extra point...the silver lining on the shit storm that was the first half.
A few more blocked extra points, and the score was 18-9 at halftime.

Then one of the strangest moments of my entire football career. I never thought we could top last week, when I called my own holding penalty--but sure enough T.I.A. (This Is Austria). As we went on another long drive our QB, D.J. Hernandez, launched a ball into the endzone and it was picked off and returned to their 35 yard line. However, the endzone was full of the yellow laundry.

Try and follow me on this next part.

After the interception, in the endzone there was a personal foul.
Not only did this negate the interception--but we were given a safety--and then got the ball back, as they kicked off to us.

I am literally running out of ways to describe my shear shock and disbelief. I then informed D.J. that this was like Tecmo Super Bowl and their was some glitch in the game.
The second half we came out swinging--and with stellar play on defense (3 sacks, 12 tackles by the FWG) including equally amazing play by our two DTs (3 sacks and 7 tackles between them) we held on to win 30-18.

Highlights from the game included:
When Bearnd (computer expert, NFL Prospect, and all around good guy) flat backed the QB and got sent out of the game.
Playing the entire game in a borrowed pair of cleats, a size too small, because I'm a flat out idiot and forgot mine.
The utter confusion that I caused telling the official that he needed to take Midol for his cramps (I swear this stuff is funny back in the states).

Again, more free beer after the game, and at the celebratory dinner.

And of course--halftime cigarette breaks.

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