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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FWG Discusses His Future. Hilarity Ensues

So today I was "working" on my couch when my friend Jenn instant messaged me. Let's be honest I had nothing better to do with my time, nothing so pressing that I couldn't stop for a quick "chat."
We were catching up when the question was posed, "What exactly are you doing with your life, Rob?"
Great question, Jen. Apparently, I am now a professional blogger. (Here is proof). But the conversation we had was so funny, I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy!

Jen: Ohhh okay okay, I'm new to this whole blogging business. So you write for them?

FWG: I can't believe they are paying me for this crap.

Jen: Haha, you just really like writing then?

FWG: I keep getting this sneaking suspicion that someone is going to catch on and be like "wait wait wait....why are we paying him...he does the guy that hired him!"

Jen: Hahhaha well a lot of people out there can't write well....let alone write with humor.

FWG: P.S. There is a 100lb doberman lying next to me, habitually farting in my face
Jen: Hahhahaha that's gorgeous. I'm so jealous.

Jen: Well good, at least you've found things you enjoy doing. Not many people can say that for themselves.

FWG: I like blogging. Not farting Doberman. But yeah I've fond something I enjoy doing....I couldn't professionally sleep or drink beer
and prostitute was a little "beneath me"
but not by much.

Jen: I would be soooo good at the first 2 professions.

FWG: Sleep or prostitution?

(That response was deemed innapropriate for Thoughts From a Fat White Guy)

So there you have it. When it came down to drinking beer or blogging for a living, blogging came out the winner. Well blogging and playing football in Austria. Stay tuned for updates as that little adventure unfolds.

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amack said...

nice pink toe nail polish ;o)