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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fat White Guy Redefines Flaccid

Last game we beat the Falcons (I'd tell you their home city, but I can't pronounce it and smart money is on the fact that you don't really care). Our four-touchdown victory margin was overshadowed by the fact that at one point during the second quarter I looked down and realized my right thumb was now facing backwards and touching my wrist. My brief moment of curiosity gave way to panic, which then of course gave way to "What the fuck do I do now?"

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Anonymous said...

never seen a hand model display
a deflaccidator; but on the upside,
it's vented, compact and portable.

needs more flesh tones.

Scott said...

Just have have to say. Played my first game of NCAA FB 09 today. First TD? FWG Fumble Recovery for 6.

fatpickle said...

your writing f'ing rocks.

as far as I can see from the picture of that make-shift splint on your looks like you have a grip on things.