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Friday, May 8, 2009

We've Got Graz

Our upcoming game is against Graz. I've mentioned this in earlier posts (pay attention). Graz is the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrians have a conflicted relationship with the "Austrian Oaf"--a love/hate relationship that I don't fully understand. To Americans, the Governator is the American Dream personified: Come to America with little to no money, become larger than life, then marry a Kennedy.
To some Austrians he abandoned their country, went all "right wing," and eventually sentenced a man to death (a HUGE no-no in this part of Europe). Let me put it this way, the American teammates put this question to our Austrian teammates during some locker room banter, "Who would you say the most famous Austrian is?" In true American fashion only asking questions we already (thought we) knew the answer to.
"Ummmm I vood seey---ze guy who invented Red Bull."
There you have it, Dietrich Mateschitz (Who??-exactly) is the most famous Austrian,at least in the eyes of the 20-something demographic. That blows my mind.
Anyway, the game against Graz:
Their Quarterback (an Austrian) can really sling it, and they love the option, toss sweep, perimeter run. Should be a real test for our defense, who is battling injuries across the board, from defensive line to the safety position. Stay tuned, and I'll be back. (See what I just did there?)


Anonymous said...

Pfffft. Dietrich? C'mon he's just in it for the airplane racing.

Walter H. Reiterer said...

Chris Gunn an Austrian? The Giants QB is from the US of Am, sir!

The most famous Austrian in the USA probably is Arnold S. But there were others. More famous. Much more. :-/