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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fomerly Fat White Guy Project...UPDATE!

Here is the update on the "contestants" as we are now 2 weeks into the competition:

Remember what is at stake here: UConn Tickets, T-shirts, Ownership of this blog, personal pride, self respect (or lack there of).

Fat Pickle Fatty:

How did I get to be such a fat ass? Hard work, that’s how! A commitment too bad food choices, 50 beers a week, and little to no exercise. The “perfect storm” of fatness. I’m 6 foot tall and currently weigh 203.5 lbs. My “playing weight” is 180-ish. So I could stand to lose 20. And truth is I’m ready to. And I love a contest/bet/challenge.


Walk on Boy:
Put down that beer...what is that? Schlitz? For shame, for shame.

Fat Pat:
The two weeks have been kind to Fat Pat---careful not to be distracted by his beautiful mane of sparsely distributed chest hair.FWG:
I was told that it's not fair if I do not have a personal stake in this competition. So here you have it, my "before" picture(s).

Still waiting on updates from Morgan and that later.

Final Thoughts (yes, it HAS been a while since I've had any):

Thinking of doing the "Ten Commandments of Blogging":
"Thou hall not blog on the Sabbath, lest he receiveth a brandy glass full of brown M&Ms, with an orientation of north by northwest"

I am so out of touch with American movies, but having visited today, I am willing to bet that "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" is not exactly "Oscar worthy." The smart money is on "Hotel For Dogs"

Yesterday my teammate Ryan was told by am Austrian club-goer that he always enjoyed it when "Germans tried to speak English---stick to German, you're English is terrible." Ryan is neither German, nor does he speak a lick of it. That being said, his English is pretty poor.


Anonymous said...

making me one of those homeless person cardboard signs...

Will Proofread for T-Shirts

ColeDaddy said...

C'mon Lunn, it's Old Style. A Chicagoland staple and one of the greatest beers in American history that doesn't have a "weiser" at the end of it.

"Gimme six Schlitz's"
"Sorry, no Schlitz"
"Eh, whatever's free"

Nordy said...

Hey Rob, great work on the blog, I love it! Ignore the idiots that send hate mail because you are not the only one that finds the things you write about amusing.

Anyways, for the contest, maybe putting a before and after photo would help remind us readers how fat the contestants were compared to now. Some of us are too lazy to look back and find the older post.

Keep up the good work!