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Friday, February 13, 2009

This Week's Sign Of The Apocalypse

Well, it was getting late in the week, and I wasn't sure we'd find it. But again a reader saved the day. So here it is...

THIS WEEK'S SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSESomeone with a lot of time on their hands has compiled a list of things that people have searched for using Google. These things were searched with great regularity. Most them over 100,000 times. See for yourself, HERE
Apparently its a common thing to wonder, "Why is my poop green?" and "There is a large cat in my pants." Enjoy


kowisja said...

you have not fully enjoyed st patricks day unless you have pooped green. there is a good chance if you drank enough to make it green you may not remember drinking that much.

MG213 said...

my favorites are that 1,060,000 results for "Sex is for making babies and revenge"... and 3,290,000 results for: "Who do I have to be to make you sleep with me". Apparently the answer to that question is "anyone but you"