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Saturday, May 9, 2009

....and the natives are restless

Got this little piece of "fan mail" over @ NESN.COM --- in response to the piece I ran about our last game against the Gladiators.

Hey Lunn,
I think you fail to realize that you are playing (football) in a tiny village of Austria, for a 3rd tier team. It isnt Austrian Football” and neither does “Portschach” represent Austria. Its a tiny village in a state that is, well, different. The Carinthina Black Lions, your team, arent very good at all, and now that I read about your cigarettes at half time I do understand why they are so miserably bad. I think that if it werent for your DJ Hernandez who is an exceptional athlete, you wouldnt even be able to beat most Division 3 teams (like for example the Gladiators). So maybe next year you can play in a CITY of Austria for a CONTENDING team – although based on your performance thus far, I rather doubt they would pay for your services. The worst of it is though, how you expose your teammates and organisation to ridicule…they really got a lemon and although I dont like the Carinthian Black Pussy Cats, I do feel sorry for them.

Maybe you pass by Vienna some time again and we can show you a thing or two about real football in Austria.

Rgds, Cookie

Ahhh where to start with this? Am I the only on that finds humor in the whole "cigarettes at half time" thing? I hope not. Truth is, this IS Austrian Football---not American Football in Austria. Trust me, there is a difference (Personal Foul in the endzone = 2 points?--yeah, that happened). For the record the Carinthian Black Lions did a number on the Gladiators, dismantling them and winning by more than 4 touchdowns. DJ has proved to be probably THE premier quarterback in the AFL, providing serious headaches for opposing defenses. And when it comes to me playing in a "real" city well, I'm no statistician but I'd say 8 sacks in 5 games isn't too bad. But, in the mean time me and my band of flunkies (read: The best group of guys in Austria) are gonna keep on keepin' on. Put that one in your translator and smoke it.

Questions? Comments? More Fan Mail?


Anonymous said...

Playin for the love of the game, bro.

I'd like to see this guys credentials... I feel like the only dickhead who would take the time to rag on somebody for playing in a lower-level league -in one of the most historic regions in the world- is a guy who probably played soccer in high school. (and btw, soccer is for pussies)

Anonymous said...

anyone else think cookie's lederhosen are pulled a little too high?

Molehead said...

Ahhh... nothing says you are doing something right more than hate mail!

I sure do hope Cookie was more than a grass farie in highschool tho!