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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet the Austrians...

Here are some of the characters I am sure that you will be familiarizing yourself with as you read the blog:
Berndht: The Austrian oaf. He was what I imagine all Austrians to be. About as big and wide as a tree. He is also a computer genius. Designs websites, sets up networks. On a recent trip to America he purchased several iPhones and hacked them to work on Austrian networks…for free.
Ramon: Hilarious. His English is near perfect, and his girlfriend lends even more credibility to the Bar Darwinism theory. Overachieving has officially gone global:
Peter: The formerly fat white guy. Peter has lost 40 kilos (about 25lbs). He is known as the go to guy for all things partying and women. I am also told that Peter doesn’t exactly “discriminate” when it comes to his taste in women. Well as I was told my freshman year, “go ugly early, and avoid the 2am rush.” Peter takes this advice to heart. (Gone Hoggin!)
Markus: Probably a bit of a wild card. He has a tongue ring, and a tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip that reads “PSYCHO.”
I can’t wait to see these guys on the field. But interestingly enough, talking football-shop is the last thing on everyone’s mind. For our American quarterback, D.J. Hernandez its attempting to drive a standard transmission. Stalling out twice in the parking lot did not exactly put a bright outlook on this adventure. For Ryan our American Tight End from Holy Cross, it was wondering why he only brought one (dingy) pair of shoes.
For me, its trying to make sense of all this. Understanding the language (I don’t) recognizing the food (I don’t) and trying not to miss the girlfriend too much (I do).


Walk On Boy said...

Keep it coming - it won't make sense, so you best give that up and revel in the absurdity that will inevitably find you.

The first practice will be more than entertaining. And maybe the crew can inform you a bit better on how kilos and pounds relate...

dragon22 said...
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dragon22 said...

great blog dude
btw 40 kilos are about 90 pounds

Shawn said...

right on man, best wishes

btw why do your links and pictures mostly link to items in your store?

I'm not putting any marketing down but I'd assume I'd get a bigger picture or a link to an article about "bar darwinism" not a fwg shirt