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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Feature: What's Different in Austria?

"What's Different in Austria"
The differences between life in the States and here in Austria.

I'm not sure how relevant this post is to the rest of the "working population" but to (former) college athletes this is devastating. Actually, I take this back, with current unemployment rates, the no-sweatpants rule is more relevant than ever. But what is this "rule" you say? Well after noticing an alarming abundance of skinny-jeans and designer shirts walking the streets of Austria, I posed the question to our Austrian teammate, Ramon, where "all the normal dressed people are." Ramon explains,
"Ya, ve dont vere ze sweatpants, be-coos ze poliezi vill stop and hassle you. Zey hate ze sweatpants"
And with that, 90% of my wardrobe became completely unnacceptable.
The obvious problem here is that skinny jeans are for...skinny people. Not heavy-set football players.
Ryan McGuire Reports:


Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT Plaxico!

Anonymous said...

Please post pics of you guys dressed up like Zoolander next. haha.