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Monday, August 3, 2009

SWG (FWG) Seeks Editor, Paycheck

Not sure how to preface this. I hope all the Deadspin guys (commenters) are reading.

I'm off to NYC to take care of a little business. Yes, making writing profitable--and ending my current streak of laughable unemployment. The American dream at it's finest. I was talking with a couple of the guys and all the jabs about my "career" gained some credibility when they pointed out I was yet to "meet" my editor. They must not understand that I operate in a world of anonymity and irresponsibility. But, in order to make this whole thing real, I told Daulerio over at Deadspin I'd swing by and put some ink on paper (metaphorically speaking). That was about four months ago.

No, I had to coax or meeting out of him, like a steady and persistant internet stalker. My own personal "You've Got Mail." Through 10 countries, and distances of 5,000 miles we emailed, updated, and generally avoided eachother. So tomorrow, as I jet set* to the Big Apple I am going to eHarmony the shit out of some employment contract.

*Jet Set = Bolt Bus


Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on A.J. -- he might
be Mr. Edible Underwear Maker.

And while you're in the BApp
office, give their fricking
internet server a booty punt.

/will never get DS account now

Anonymous said...

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