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Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Of The Best Guys I Know

Coach Edsall announced that Alex Molina and Marcus Easley, former walk-ons are now on scholarship.

Both Easley and Molina are quietly the two of the best guys I have ever met, had the privilege of playing with, and even more distinct privilege of calling my friends.

But did you know....

Alex Molina is a water sports junkie. Yes, he's probably more at home on the river or ocean than the gridiron (see below) he also has the best hands on the team. With out exception or compromise anyone that really knows UConn Football knows that Molina is like fly paper out there.
Marcus Easley is a Connecticut native who I have been told has roots in Glastonbury (that's up for debate---but I heard him and Edsall used to be neighbors). Not to mention this past year he quietly became one of the top performers on the offense; and building off of a strong spring. Also, Easley bares a striking resemblance to that guy in HBO's The Wire. See for yourself:

Again, a big congratulations to these two deserving guys.

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