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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yeah, the long and arduous journey is finally over. I am back on American soil. I'd have to say the highlight of my trip was seeing Rome and the Colosseum. I'd like to insert my mandatory "football players are modern day gladiators" comment here. But I'll spare you. Instead, I'll take a small bow and entertain you with pictures. Yes, creative writing and intriguing blogging is being replaced with eye-candy. A straight to your brain, inter venous shot of pure delight. Enjoy.

I'm a meat head. Get over it.

"I hate dem Italians!"
"But I am SWISS!"
"uh...DEM TOO!"
Here the Swiss Guard stands, ever vigilant. No one enters Fiat parking without proper identification. And I mean no one.

St. Peters.

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Anonymous said...

Did you find any clues to the
location of the antimatter bomb?