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Monday, July 27, 2009

Princeton Finally Gets Something Right!

The 2009 Princeton Review evaluations of colleges and universities came out today. Thousands upon thousands of potential college students will buy this guide, comb through it with wide eyes and pimpled faces seeing their potential futures on the pages infront of them; MIT: Engineers, Berkley: Organic Beet Farmers, Rutgers: Sopranos Extras, and now The University of Connecticut: MEATHEADS.
That's right, according to the Princeton Review UConn is now the #10 "Jock School" in the entire country (and Canada!). No, I did not bat an eye when I found out that my alma mater was at the forefront of Time Travel (yeah, it's true). But #10 Jock School, hell yes. Now that's something I can get my check book behind.


Lindsey Marck said...

Our family is a little competitive, so when I read this i promptly compared UNC (my alma mater) to CJ's (Miami University)...I wanted to see what he traded in by transferring from UConn. While the Heels boast #5 Jock school and #1 College Newspaper....Miami is #4 "Little Class/Race interaction" and #20 "Students Dissatisfied w/financial aid...haha i think i have the edge right?

MG213 said...

Is it bad that the #1 and #2 "Little Class/Race interaction" schools are both in CT (Fairfield and Trinity)?

Anonymous said...

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