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Monday, July 27, 2009

Linkage: Memorial to the Brickhouse

Walk On Boy back trying to get back in the blogging grove with some gratuitous Gopher retrophilia {HT: Brian Cook of The Sporting Blog and Smart Football.} celebrating the return to campus. Can we return to media guide photos like this please? I tried while I was in school, but the uptight photographers wouldn't allow it. The fact that I wasn't very good probably had something to do with it. Whatever.

Explore, enjoy and either be excited for the Gopher's returning to campus and the great outdoors or thankful that your team is already outside. {Unless you're a fan of Syracuse, Idaho or another team that plays in a dome.} However, I can already foresee people pining for the Metrodome during the first bad weather game at the Stadium-That Must-Not-Be-Named {And of course they didn't allow liquor sales.}. Any suggestions for a nickname on par with The Brickhouse?


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, WOB!

Not many nicknames come close
to touching 'The Brickhouse'...

How about Hull-Rust Stadium?

'cause we all know gophers have the propensity to dig some deep holes.

Walk On Boy said...

Thank you, Bee. Good to be back.

And had to google Hull Rust {Iron ore pit in Northern Minnesota for those not awares}. Either you have the most complete set of useless knowledge, are the best googler, or have absolutely nothing to do at work.