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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sincere Apology

I think perhaps an apology is order. My last blog post on UConn's contract with Notre Dame (was poorly formatted and/or worded). I definitely did not mean to give the impression that UConn had signed a 5 game contract with Notre Dame that involved no home games for the Huskies. Instead my commentary on the ridiculous "rumor mill" surrounding this game fed the fire instead of extinguishing it. Notre Dame's refusal to play in East Hartford has sparked much controversy and my thoughts were based on such reports that were issued prior to my post as fact. I have had assurances from UConn's Media Director Mike Enright that no such contract is in place and while talks with Notre Dame are still underway, specifics are still being worked out.
I strive to make this blog a unique perspective on college football, that of a former player--something you won't find anywhere else. In this case, I did nothing but contribute to the stereotype of irresponsible bloggers.

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