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Monday, July 20, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Go To South Florida

Followers of this blog will note that originally I had posted some "witty remarks" on USF kicker Maikon Bonani's 35 foot fall off an amusement park ride at Busch Gardens. They were in poor taste and I'd like to retract them---I never should have posted it. Insensitive of me. The bottom line is he is lucky to be alive, and no player wants to see their career cut short. I've been avoiding the "last game" at all costs---going so far as to play in Austria. So I'd like to wish him a full recovery---and a few missed kicks against UConn.


Anonymous said...

35 feet...hmmm, that's the highest
anyone from USF has been since
Morgantown in '06.

BullTiger said...

You are a twit.