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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking News! (sort of....)

All must bow before Touchdown Jesus!

Notre Dame has changed its contract with University of Connecticut football program. Perhaps I've missed the "debate bubble" on this one. I'll chalk it up to being in Europe where the only football of importance was played on a "pitch" with guys named Ronaldinho or Beckham and Euro-Mullets flapped in the wind as the gallivanted about. But imagine my surprise when I set foot back on American soil--my heart swelling with pride, only to find out that my alma mater had been bullied by the self-proclaimed "greatest program in the history of college football" into signing a deal for five home games in South Bend.
The traditional practice of small-market teams signing a "2 and 1" (two away, one home) contract with a large market team has apparently been thrown out the window. Instead this time honored practice has been replaced by some ludicrous and over the top bullying, which surprisingly has left UConn with no games to be played Rentschler Field or any other New England stadium against the Fighting Irish.



The Voice of Reason said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the imaginary "signed" deal for a 5-game series with Notre Dame (all to be played in South Bend) LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hearsay is inadmissible as
evidence...ask Judge.

/out of order!
//ducks gavel

even greater irony:
verification word 'ukons'

RichZ said...

I'm still not sure why UConn would even accept this deal. All things Notre Dame are evil and putrid.