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Friday, July 31, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Away Game

Sports terminology has made its way into various other aspects of life. It's logical. Sports are popular and easy to translate with competition and the like. One place that you're never really sure if that's alright is in the bedroom. Sure, you may joke around about it with your close friends, aside from 'The Single/Double/Triple' analogy {If you touch 'em all, do you hit for the cycle? Or do they have to be separate instances? Can you even hit for the cycle? Once you try and codify things of this nature there are all sorts of rhetorical crevasses to be dealt with.} nothing has really become mainstream. The Swedes have taken the lead in that category.

Bortamatch - away game. Hemmamatch - home game. Brilliantly simple. They even have little equipment bags for those going into hostile territory looking to pull off a big victory.

Barney Stinson absolutely has to have a hand in the production of these kits. Next question, how do we figure out who is wearing white and color? Is it baseball, where white is at home? Or football, where home {traditionally} wears their color? Or should we just go shirts and skins?

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